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Tacit Pleasures, Inc. is a Vancouver, BC company dedicated to creating new, innovative ways to use technology to empower people. Our passion is to use new advances in cutting-edge technology to bring people greater control over their sexual lives.

We were incorporated in 2014 to explore ways to change people’s sexual lives for the better.

We are developing technology to create the physical sensation of having a penis, for people who want that experience but were born without one. Our technology uses sensors, wearable computers, and direct neural stimulation to create a strap-on that you can actually feel, and that feels like it’s part of your body.

We have developed a prototype, and we’re currently working on bringing this device to market. It’s a long and expensive process to bring a brand-new technology to market, but we believe in what we’re doing.

To get a sense of how our device works, we invite you to read our What We Do page.

Franklin Veaux

What We Do

Tacit Pleasures, Inc. was founded to create radical new ways to empower human sexuality. We were founded in 2014 to develop a unique melding of mind and technology to create the sensation of a biological penis for people born without one.

Imagine, if you will, a wearable strapon dildo covered with touch sensors. The dildo has an insertable part lined with electrodes designed to stimulate the wearer. When someone touches the dildo, you feel it!

It’s a strapon you can actually feel, that becomes a part of your body.


After a period of adjustment, this device becomesĀ incorporated into the brain’s somatosensory perception. The brain, in essence, modifies its model of the body to accommodate the device–it ceases to be perceived as a thing and become perceived as a part of the body. Stimulation of the dildo feelsĀ like stimulation of yourself.

Tacit Pleasures is currently in research and development to build this device. Along the way, we plan to design and create all sorts of other novel new inventions to expand your erotic horizons.

Stay tuned!

Franklin prototyping

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