First test writeup!

Our test volunteer who agreed to beta-test the first prototype of the sex toy you can feel has written up a splendid blog post on her experiences with it. The first prototype is a crude proof of concept device, yet it worked very well indeed. There’s the teaser:

Last night a man in bunny ears came to my door holding a box full of wires, gadgets, and circuit boards. We walked past my confused roommates to lock ourselves in my bedroom. After a few moments of small talk followed by testing each component of the equipment, I casually dropped trou. Kicking my underwear to the side without a second thought, he sat at the edge of my bed and we began testing the sex toy of the future. For science.

You can read the rest of her experiences right here!

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  • Jay
    Sep 11, 2016

    I’m handy with PCB design, Firmware and Hardware. Get in touch I’m interested in helping create the future.

    Jay Sep 11, 2016

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