Developments on the patent front

A while ago, we filed for a patent on the bionic penis device we’re developing. The patent application is quite complex, because we’re breaking new ground with sensor-equipped prosthetics. The patent has been in the works for a while, and it’s finally been published! This is one of the last steps before it is reviewed and, we hope, granted.

You can see the full patent application here, or download a PDF of the patent application here.

In other news, Tacit Pleasures has been accepted into the Arrow and Indiegogo tech company incubator program! We’re excited about how this will help us do prototyping and design of the bionic dildo project.

2 Responses

  • Bob
    Jan 11, 2019

    What’s happening? There have been no updates for over a year?

    Bob Jan 11, 2019
  • Brandy
    Feb 11, 2019

    Can we get an update on how everything with the product and research is going?

    Brandy Feb 11, 2019

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